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Table of Contents

1.  Fifteen Minutes
     by Trevor Hewett
2.   I Wish   
      by Eileen Murphy
3.  Unadorned 7/11/97
     by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
4.   Savoring
      by Susan F. Field
5.  Poring
     by Susan F. Field
6.   Taking Stock at Fifty
      by Victory Schouten
7.  Shaman
     by Charlene L. Roberts
8.   Crash (Stewardt and Isolde)
      by Jacqueline van Zyl
9.  Encampment
      by Janet Mae Best
10.  Silent House
      by L B Sedlacek
11. Always With Me
      by Nancy Watts

12.  Forever Siblings
      by Nancy Watts

13. Step Into The Light
       by Nancy Watts
14.  As patient as old-age...
      by Katie Hodge
15. On The Death of a Father
      by Harley King
16.  Son
      by Jeff Watts
17. Probe VII
      by Rodney K. Douglas
18.  Death is NOT Silent
      by Kara L.C. Jones
19. Five O'clock Rush
      by Nora Gentleman
20.  4 Poems by Pat West
      by Pat Phillips West

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