Oh my gawd, is it really summer? June 2002

It is stunning to see time flying so quickly! Here's another full issue, and we are into the beautiful, sunny sky, playful weather of the Pacific NW. Must tell you that it was *very* difficult to put this issue together because all I really wanted to do was play outside or lay on the grass and watch the birds coming to and fro. But we did it, and it's another awesome issue.

Trevor is back with his monthly contribution. And we are proud to say that we will be publishing a limited run, number/signed edition of Trevor's works at the end of summer, so look out for that soon! We've got amazing works from Katie Hodge, Eileen Murphy, Susan F. Field, and more. We have some perspective on the dreaded Fathers Day as it must be lived after the death of a father or the death of child. Check out the writings from Harley King and Jeff Watts for that. And Rodney Douglas gives us a FAB view of the life of a poet, so check that out!

Our Artist Chat this month is the best yet, I think. Tera Leigh gave us so much of her time and perspective for this interview. You have to surf through and see her work. Amazing, talented, generous, very kind person. Don't miss that one either. Also, we've got a book review of the "Cup of Comfort for Friends" book edited by Colleen Sell. Not a poetry book, I know, many gems in this collection-- especially if you are mapping life after the death of a loved one. Check it out!

AND (big announcement here!!!) our 2002 Anthology Contest is finally open for submissions! You have the generous heart of Peg Rousar to thank for that, so be very kind to her when you send in your works for consideration. Peg has volunteered to be your Anthology Contest Editor, so check out the Guidelines and information under the left-hand, side-bar menu item for Anthology Contest!! You could be the next KotaPress author :)

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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