By Charlene L. Roberts

Sole daughter of she who was white-haired and wild,
born under the light of full moon.
To her teachings were shown, in secret alone,
summer's eve on the solstice in June.

Many paths did she wander in search of the way,
sacrifices were many she knew.
Eyes that glittered with spells, chanting, incense and bells,
her power in timelessness grew.

She raises her arms and sweeps up the warm winds,
engaging the ways of the spirits who dwell
above and beyond, in our dreams and our songs,
magic's light filling forest and dell.
She bows to the trees in reverence and grace,
Mother Nature has laid down her hand
on this woman who sees all of life's tapestries
interwoven in all life and land.
Sister, sing to the waters that fall through the mountains,
meditate softly on mosses and fern.
Cast your green eyes into sun, wind, and sky -
through you we will listen and learn.

It's the way of the world, tapped and honed in a soul
whose spirit now plays earth's sweet tunes,
as in thought, word and deed she empowers our need,
and through destiny reads us the runes.

Bound in the earth song and sister to fate
she honors the beauty we share,
for deep within we are all akin
to the knowledge of self that is there.

Living in visions, possessing those gifts
that are born of earth's magic and sight,
she lives in the truth, passed down from her youth,
a shaman of spiritual light.


I always had flights of fancy buzzing around in my young mind, and fantastical visions of other worlds peeking out from behind my hazel green eyes. As I got older I found words put to paper an easy forum, and thus my poetic talents emerged. Now, as I enter my menopausal years, and have found a new emergence of spirit and self-renewal, I find my life blessed with creativity, love, and joy. My most recent interest has been Middle Eastern
dance, and my latest works reflect the goddess light that burns in the motions it invokes. May we all be blessed with such passion!


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