Crash (Stewardt und Isolde)
By Jacqueline van Zyl

No more cruisin’
in your
rusted to shit Buick,
listening to your dad’s
Marlena Dietrich tapes
and drinking cheap wine
‘till we puke.
we’re not gonna cook
breakfast on the hood again
and get rushed to hospital with
heavy metal poisoning
no-one’s going to call us
Nuanda and Imagin anymore.

and we’re done wrecking up
the backseat and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere
without gas
and I’ll never get to make
bubble faces against the window
While you drive and smile at me


20-year old skinny girl and student, living in South Africa. Busy with a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology. I practice English as a second language and write poetry to keep from going insane.


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