By Janet Mae Best


God set up camp
inside my head last night.
I brought paper,
pen and crayons
Thoughts came to mind,
I doodled.
Questions came to mind,
I asked.
I talked to God!
I cornered him for
the whole night,
but he still didn't
answer all my questions
the way I wanted him to.

He told me to
listen closely -
open my spirit
to the goodness he brings.
Share the blessings
with others,
follow my heart,
it will never
misguide me.
He reminded me that he is
always with us,
we just loose sight of that sometimes.
He reminded me that
He is Love and Love
is the one true gift we can give
unconditionally, as he gives to us.


Editor's Note: Janet sent this poem just to share with me, not originally as a submission. I just wanted to say Thanks Janet for letting me publish it here!


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