Oh, the Holidaze!

Well, I really hate the holidaze. It just isn't any fun for me. I don't dig the parties. I'm not merry nor mary and I miss my son desperately. I don't like the gift giving that inevitably ends with yet another of those "flavored"-oils-with-their-clear-glass-bottles-filled-with-olive-oil-and-orange-slices in my kitchen. Ugh. So what is an editor suppose to do?

Baby, an editor is suppose to take care of herself!

So this editor presents the holiday issue of the KotaPress Poetry Journal offering lots of awesome works, informative resources, and restorative readings. Make a cup of tea. Pull a blanket around yourself. And click on through to Trevor Hewett's December contribution of "The Non-Persistence of Memory." Check out the unleashed interview with Poets Unleashed and all the excerpts they graciously let us print here. Make sure you swim up to this month's "KP on Vashon" to see Julie Selman's amazing work! Check out the news column to find out about all the cool classes you can take once these holidaze are over!

Enjoy, stay away from the fruitcakes, and may many miracles find you!

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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