Welcome to the December 2001 issue of the KotaPress Poetry Journal. Holidays can be difficult or fabulous, fun or frantic. Whatever your experience, we hope you find something peaceful and healing here at KotaPress this holiday season.

Table of Contents

1.  Dark
     by Ron Cross
2.    The Pomegranate Sky   
      by Patricia Joe Schuman
3.  Numbers
     by Al Michael
4.   Note to Pearl, Mother's Day 1988
      by Thomas Lee Rhymes
5.  The Moon Bears Witness
     by Kim Shaver
6.   The Man in the Moon
      by Kathleen Redling
7.  Surface People
     by Gisele Marasca
8.   A Note - for You to Forget Me
      by Mariano Rivera
9.  Lost Child
     by Dennis Moore
10.  Winter
      by Roxianne Moore
11.  Sunset Rider
      by Emily Reynolds
12.  Miscarriage
      by Bill Duvall
13.  Non-Persistence of Memory
      by Trevor Hewett
14.  Orphan
      by Kimberly J. Stauder
15. River Of Grief
     by William Brown
16.  Kim Chee Accord
      by Lesley McConnell
17. 2 Healing Poems
     by Mary Harrison
18.  Waiting
      by Kara L.C. Jones
19.  Wind Spirit
      by Charlene Roberts
20.  Woman/Women
      by Jeanne Marie Spicuzza

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