Wind Spirit
By Charlene Roberts

As Winter Solstice greets the dawn
a spirit swift upon its path
will through the forest spread its frost
before the grasp of winter's wrath.
Around it weaves to bite and sting,
wresting out land's sheltered space,
as through the calm of earth's repose
the spirit's wind through glen will race.
The leaves she holds in her embrace
will dance upon the forest floor,
climbing into airy spirals,
tumbling to the ground once more.
With the gentle fall of snow
she wears a mantle frosty white,
weaving patterns through the air
in drifting sculptures softly bright.
As dusk descends upon the earth
The frosted winds ebb all too soon,
and one by one each star will light,
as snow is kissed by light of moon.
Through the passing of the night
a gentle peace will reign,
until the light of dawn appears
and frosted sun will rise again.
Spirit wind of earth's first breath
Shall by the winter's day be held
to play once more the song of frost
through forest, glen and dell.


I was born in Woodbury, NJ but lived in NY, OH and NC, ending up in my home
state again where I currently reside in the very diversified and eclectic town of Lakewood.

At the age of twelve my father introduced me to Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and I became instantly hooked on fantasy. It was at that time that I started writing poetry, and thus the fuel I needed to start the creative fire was ignited.

Through growing pains, the loss of a sister, experimenting with my mind in the 70's, and the death of a very young husband, my life became balanced with equal amounts of joy and grief. I was never one to keep it in, and through my writing I was able to express even more the feelings and emotions that evoke the evolution in us all to become better human beings.

Currently I am involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval recreational group, and was a member of a Middle Eastern dance Troupe for four years. I am now dancing with a very dear friend, pursuing a more earthy tribal style of dance that brings our spiritual and emotional energy together. I also play the Middle Eastern drum, the doumbek, and the native Indian flute. My current pursuits keep me very busy!

And tomorrow - who knows???


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