By Jeanne Marie Spicuzza

I. Drawing Down the Moon

A nursing woman's tender breasts
invoke a baby's croon
She stands before a widened sky
while drawing down the moon
Avoiding wars and sceptered kings
who hold their power in their rings
She shines without the light she brings
while Drawing Down the Moon

II. I am Calling You

I have this vision
Of women
Carrying hopes
and bearing their burdens
while gliding on light;
purple robes of power
flowing extending
to each other,
crossing over wombs of water
where victory meet us
there, on the other sidef

began with exposed breasts,
but had to fight
for the rest;

we are all evolving,
not yet reached.

III. Woman/women

a warrior,
a witch

burning (oh yes how you burn)
but surviving,
can't stop a Phoenix from rising to life;
words of truth,
our wicked ways,
wishes that blow like wind;
long and harrowing
and songs to say
"I will."

IV. Ode to Artemis

Ode to Artemis
My own full moon
Swollen in the sky above the city
How I long to hold you to my breasts
How I long to feel you deep within me
Drawing down the moon to bring me life

O Artemis
My only moon
Swollen in the sky reflecting light
How I love to hold you in my breast
Now that I can feel you deep within me
Drawing down the moon to bring me rest

Ode to Artemis
My own and endless home
Swollen in the sky and once again
How I long to hold you to my breast
Now that I can see you leave and greet me
Drawing down the moon I'll wait 'til then

Jeanne Marie Spicuzza is an award-winning international poet and performance artist, actor and producer, writer of children’s stories, plays and screenplays, watercolor painter and illustrator, composer, tarot reader and Master Herbalist living in Los Angeles, California. She is the founder and CEO of seasons & a muse, inc., and president of hilde/productions, responsible for making of feature film “BREATH OF GOD: The True Story of Hildegard von Bingen”. She is listed in various editions of Who’s Who in America series and was nominated “Woman of the Year” in 1998 through the National Organization of Women. She is also the mother of actor and artist Stephanie Spicuzza.

Ms. Spicuzza’s writings appear in The Shepherd Express, Zink Magazine, Riverwest Review, Poetry Motel, Hey Listen! Publications, Attic Magazine, Polenta, Bluff Magazine and others. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in philosophy and psychology from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She travels whenever she can. Her Golden Headset Award-nominated CD “Jeanne Spicuzza” is available through INOCULATION/records. Her collection of poetry, beautiful terrible & true, is available through LIBRI/publishers.


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