Surface People
By Gisele Marasca

I will have to say: yes, I suffer
And I do admit that I cry
Such a small price to pay, however
To be one of those who can fly

It's a hard existence, you know
It's nothing to brag about
You can't deal with knowing
Yet you can't do without

Once you open your eyes
You cannot pretend anymore
No matter how much you try
There are things you can't ignore

Once the flood gates are opened
You drown or learn how to swim
You know you have to survive
You can't just quit on a whim

Sometimes I envy the surface people
Happily floating, living their lies
Their wounds never hurt or bleed
No sad tears burn their eyes

Through their skin-deep lives they move
While I can't keep afloat
But most always I enjoy my fate
And I'd hate to be in their boat


Gisele is one of the Poets Unleashed, and they have graciously granted us permission to share this excerpt from their book of the same title. For more information about Poets Unleashed, please see


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