By Kimberly J. Stauder

Now that you have opened your heart to me,
Now that you have introduced me into your world,
Are you ready to help me unpack my suitcase?
Under the shirts and pants, you will find my special baggage,
Do you have a closet in which to put away my Heartache and Loneliness?
Is there a secret drawer for my Sorrow and Anguish?
You can throw my Pain away as I have had enough for a lifetime.
Will you withdraw when you see all the Fear and Shame?
If only you had been my own parents;
Will my baggage be too much for you?
Or will the special look in my eyes that drew you to me; make you more
patient and understanding?
With your love and kindness, you can buy me a new suitcase,
In it, we will pack the fulfillment of my hopes and dreams,
I can take this suitcase anywhere we go together.

Kimberly resigned from a thirty years as a marketing executive to pursue a writing career. She writes fiction and nonfiction with a strong focus on assisting individuals through the grieving process. Her poem, Orphan, draws emphasis to the pain unwanted children experience and encourages adoption.

Located in St. Louis, MO, Kimberly's business, Personal Stories, Ltd., offers family stories and pet stories in hardbound books.



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