Kim Chee Accord
By Lesley McConnell

The first pictures
there, starchy in communism,
Kim Jong Il reaches across a 50-year divide
looking for lost brother in the rubble of
synchronized separation.

Kim Jae Dung,
posed with western photo-op practice
smiles with open wallets, famine¹s currency,
Capitalism‹the culture of a hungered nation.

Engaged. Shaking. Talking Kim Chee,
as middle ground.
Safe zone, demilitarized.
No burning bodies and empty families,
No red doctrine and national anthems.
No flags for this Flag Day.

Just the culture of two souls,
trying their best,
touching skin to skin,
kin to kin,
Kim to Kim.

Korea reunifies.


(first place, poetry slam, November 2000,words‹starchy, currency, divide) This poem was written at Whidbey Island Poetry Slams. During the slam, participants are given three words and twenty-five minutes to write a poem. The poems are then presented to the audience and a panel of judges, with cash prizes going to the top three. This poems is unedited.


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