By Jeff Watts

My dear and darling baby boy,
I miss you ever so much since you left here,
For my life I no longer care.
I've cried and cried, starved and grieved.
I've lost all sense of reality
Because losing my baby boy,
My fragile mind just doesn't conceive.
I've wondered and questioned what had I done so
Wrong, Whatever could it be,
That God has taken my darling baby boy away from me.
If it could've been done over,
If I could turn back the tables of time,
I would gladly take your place
Giving up my life and soul,
The devil himself could have mine.
We love and miss you for that you'll never know how
Much, the loving words of a torn father and mother.
My darling baby boy no one will ever fill my heart as
Much as you,
No other.



My name is Jeff Watts, I'm 24 yrs. old, and I live in Pineville, Ky. Writing, for me, is a safe-haven, a place where I can escape the pressures of everyday life. I spend most of my time reading, writing, researching, studying, and online. "A boring life," most would say, but I quite enjoy it, it's very peaceful and relaxing, a sense of harmony so to speak. My publishing credits include: acceptance in the Opossum Hollow Tarot for publication, acceptance for publication within the Poet's Corner pertaining to the July/August issue of Concepts Magazine, 66 of my poems have been selected for publication in an anthology this fall entitled, "Letters From the Soul," and one poem that I dedicated to my deceased son has been chosen to be recorded on a 3-set CD collection entitled, "Sounds of Poetry."


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