On The Death Of A Father
by Harley King


She stands alone,
by his casket,

her hankerchief knotted
about her clinched fingers.

His death was sudden, peaceful
in the early morning before the dawn.

I pull her tight against me and listen to her tears.


He catches a rainbow
between his teeth

and dances slowly over a hill
into the thin miraculous sunset.

His eyes burst with energy
and thoughts of mischief.

I chase after his fading shadow.


He walks step by step
through the spring cornfields,

his blue denim pant legs
brushing against the green leaves.

His pale blue eyes
peer into the evening sunset.

I hope for a resurrection of the spirit.


The sudden rattle
of a dry leaf

as it skips
across the pavement

makes me shiver
in the early twilight.

I feel his breath on my neck and turn.


Harley King is a poet, speaker and author. He co-authored with his wife the book, It's Okay To Cry, a book on pet loss, available through Amazon.com. He has also published 3 books of poetry. He averages over 245 presentations a year and can be reached at HGKing@aol.com


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