By Susan F. Field

We entered
Come in, said she, giving
us each a
and motioning to us.
Sit. I offer you the ages.

And from
an old earthen jug
cracked and brown,
she poured


We drank rapidly. Our thirst insatiable,
for the ascent
had been arduous
and very
Slowly. Sip slowly, she advised.
Savor the ages
Taste them
Taste them
as one.
The light pulsed red inside
the crystal goblet.
We drank
each rhythm
swell into oneness
then spread inside us


We left ageless.


I am a published writer of poetry and educational issues. I am also a playwright. My play One Gold Tooth was produced at Chicago's Jane Addams' Hull House Art Center in Chicago. I am an educator, now teaching the Humanities at the college level. I am also Co-Director of multi-cultural and interdisciplinary arts and arts education programs at Chicago's Beacon Street Gallery and Theatre, a non-profit, community-based arts organization that resides in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, home to over 102 different cultures - - I was an English teacher in the public schools for 17 years. I have written articles about[and am still involved working with children through the creative arts] the challenges of children and adults who are empathic learners. I conduct Creative Arts Workshops for multi-age participants; for I believe that the creative spirit and its wonders are inherent in all of us and must be nurtured, celebrated and interwoven into everyday life.

Contact me at and visit our Beacon Street website:


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