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Table of Contents

1.  Autumn Light
     by Trevor Hewett
2.   Pics & Prose from CJ Horn   
      by Carol Jo Horn
3.  PoetsWest News
     from J. Glenn Evans
4.   Darlington Online!
      from KotaPress
5.  why I wrote my first living will
     by C. E. Laine
6.   defining memory
      by C. E. Laine
7.  City Scape
     by Jason Fraley
8.   Verse For Alice, No. II & I
      by Shelly Reed
9.  Weathering
      by Jeff Calareso

10.  Iowa City Je Reviens
      by John Birkbeck

11.  2 Poems by Townee
      by townee
12.  White & Ebony
      by C.J. Ciaramella
13.  Rita Reading Rubyfruit Jungle
      by Louise Cole
14.  Just Typical
      by Chris Major
15. Running Free
     by Emily Nicolaievna
16.  Readjustment
      by Nick Bell
17. Overture
     by Marina Rubin
18.  Hawk Song
      by Falcao Borgen
19.  FAB News from Lambert
      from Lynda Lambert, Concerti Author
20.  Poetry in Seattle!
      from Christopher J. Jarmick

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