Pics & Prose from CJ Horn
all poems & photos by Carol Jo Horn


The silver and gold of our lives
is painted in the forest, my darling.
An empty purse
and no work
might push some to
But not we two who store our
silver and gold in our forests.


A brave blue backdrop
sets the stage.
Is this Act One
of winter
Or Act Three
of summer?
All that really matters is that
we have shown up for the
"cattle call" and expect to
get the part.


In Science Fiction people
sometimes step from
one dimension
into another
and find themselves back in time
or into the future.

when a friend set needle to vinyl for me,
an old 1972 Gordon Lightfoot song pried open
a hidden door to 30 long years ago.

My heart dissolved into tears
that had been kept locked away
behind the dam of forgetting.
In startled confusion
I faced my friend and saw the same hot tears.

A smile,
A nod,
Our bond, begun in grade school,
We sat,
quietly watching memories
dance before us
to the music of Gordon Lightfoot.


I understand
the gathering up of a soul.
I believe I am prayer.
I am fog
I am courage
I am pain.
My heart is rain,
crazy grey rain.
I understand
the gathering of a soul.


I grieve to watch sunflower petals fall
Yet see gold floating in the fog
where it drums back
the damp darkness of winter.

I escape panic chill
and nurture drops of warm honey sun.


Editor's Note: Carol Jo Horn is one of the most talented artists I know. I had the great pleasure of having her take my online BodyWrites! class via email this past week, and she graciously shared these amazing poems and photos with me!!! I'm so thrilled to share them all here with you now, too. Carol Jo is a prolific and talented writer. She and her partner Clyde are the founders of CJ Ink, and I'm honored to tell you that they published my first book, Chewa. They started it all for me -- and I am forever grateful!!!!


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