KotaPress, October 2003

Full to overflowing!!!! That's the only way I can describe this month's issue. You all are contributing the most amazing art works and art news to us!! You are all a part of this Journal, and we are so grateful for everything you've given this month!

We have more new works from Kota veterans like Trevor Hewett, Townee, and C. E. Laine *plus* lots of works from Kota newbies like Louise Cole, Nick Bell, and Marina Rubin -- plus many others! You cannot miss this month's contribution from Carol Jo (CJ) Horn!!! She is the most amazing and talented poet -- but I discovered recently that she is also a FAB photographer. And her photos aren't just photos for photo-sake! No way -- these photos are illustrations of her poetic endeavors!!! She's graciously and generously shared FIVE new works with us, and I cannot thank her enough!

In addition to the art of poetry, we also have lots of poetry news this month. Check out all the Seattle area events -- there is soooooooooooooooooooooo much happening in this area! -- from PoetsWest's J. Glenn Evans and from Chris Jarmick. And don't miss the FAB announcement from KotaPress' own Lynda Lambert and her latest adventures.

This month's Poetry Therapy is all about advocating for your own expression and voice. As the holidays approach, grief ebbs and flows all the more. So we're hoping to offer some empowerment ideas about how to use your written and verbal voice for getting the support you need -- for incorporating both grief *and* holidays into your life. There is plenty of room for your *whole* experience!!

In our fabulous Vashon Feature, those Vashonite artists have been at it again!!! What can I say? We have a hopping community out here in Puget Sound :) Get in on the Super Scary Skit today! Check out all the writings from Joan McCabe! Come to the first ever IDVOS forum -- this will be just the first in an on-going series! Come on out and get involved in your community, folks!!

And, lastly, we finally have the KotaPress online eNewsletter up and running again. We're sending out somewhere between one and four updates per month -- and updates are about the Poetry Journal, but also about KotaPress Loss Journal, Art Journal, Books, Classes and the Mrs. Duck Project. We'd love to have you stay in touch with all that we are doing via the eNewsletter!! If you want to subscribe to that eNewsletter today, just click here...

Enjoy...Happy Halloween...and ~Welcome!~ to all those spirits crossing over for Day of the Dead!!

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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