City Scape
By Jason Fraley

Crumpled wrappers
skip down the alley -
wind carries garbage stench and cracked leaves,
sighs of a dying city.

Stolen shopping carts
offer salvation; efficient suitcases.
Thieves toast their treasured debauchery.

Concrete parched for water,
fills instead with piss and alcohol -
desecrated oases with dandelion palm trees.

Urbanity's dissolution
nestles between steel giants
that rise toward an unattainable serenity.

Sallow sky humiliated
by this metropolitan backwash.
Acid rain cannot cleanse.



Jason Fraley is a senior at Concord College working toward degrees in Business and Philosophy. Music, nature, philosophy, and contemporary poetry are his major interests and inspiration. A loving fiancée and oversized Pez collection play important roles in his days as well. Jason’s poetry has appeared in SaucyVox, The Sidewalk's End, Lunatic Chameleon, Lotus Blooms Journal, and Poems Niederngasse.


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