FAB News from Lambert
from Lynda Lambert, Concerti Author

Editor's Note: Lynda is one of KotaPress' print book authors. She wrote and did the artwork for Concerti...Psalms for the Pilgrimage which is available in our online bookstore here at KotaPress. We're always thrilled to hear from Lynda because she knows how to work her art and always has something exciting happening!! Here's the latest:

From Lynda:

Check out my latest exhibition of The Trunk Show at the Monongalia Arts Center, Morgantown, West Virginia. This is stop #4 for the show, which will travel for three years, to fifteen locations world-wide. The reception was last Friday night with a poetry reading and book signing. This show is a celebration of my past six years of work done in Austria.



Hey, I am the featured artist on absolute arts.com today...check it out. I have been hearing from people all over the world since this came up. It was a nice surprise.


-Lynda Lambert, American Artist


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