By townee

nose in a seam,
as punishment;
he made me copy
afghanistan ...

out of the most
recent encyclopedia.

this was an 1975 edition
--it preoccupied his mind
& so, why not, mine?

admission to
my wronging him.

i would finish
class, quick
as i could;

you'd think i'd have
large parts memorized ...


"stars, diamonds, & umbilicals"
by townee

lust, it's said, is a sickness--
sin; yet, do not believe this. feel,
abundant as the gluttonous belly;
&, everything that's a part
of myrna loin ...

but, wanting her,
what has that to do
with ring fingers?


Again and again, thank you thank you thank you! You're becoming a regular here at the House of Kota :)


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