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Table of Contents

1.  Trevor Hewett on the Net
     Compiled by KotaPress
2.   unhinged   
      by Melissa Petrakis
3.  It's About Time Series - Aug
     from Esther Helfgott
4.   Poetry on the Net
      Compiled by KotaPress
5.  Today Is The First Day
     by Jack Donahue
6.   Fake of Art
      by Aldo Green
7.  Rehab group
     by Melissa Petrakis
8.   His Image
      by Richard Dinges, Jr.
9.  Three Poems...
      by Mickey Z.

10.  soup of words
      by Melissa Petrakis

11.  More Poems...
      by townee
12.  Oh! Brother!
      by Judy Eurey
13.  Deep in water
      by Melissa Petrakis
14.  Two Poems...
      by Ino
15. One Small, Breathing Thing
     by Laura McCullough
16.  For Sammy
      by Eric Heller
17. Two Poems...
     by Michael Estabrook
18.  Four Poems...
      Jana DeCristofaro
19.  Fire in Me
      by Paul Currier
20.  15th Annual Féile Filíochta
      International Poetry Competition

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