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We get lots of emails each month from folks who just want to share their latest projects, their poetry releases, or announce some poetry event or another. Thought to give you all a run down of the low-down that came to my e-box this month!!

  • Have you ever wanted to be an organized poet? Wanted to keep track of what pieces you submitted and to whom? Worried about the dreaded simultaneous submission rule? Can't remember who is still holding your goods? Try this amazing tracking tool!!! www.asmoday.com
  • Are you into land mail art objects? Into poetry, too? Then you are gonna *dig* this project from PoetryEspresso!! Very cool! www.poetryespresso.org
  • PoetsAgainstTheWar.org is again accepting pieces from all those who have an opinion or insight to share! And lookie here!!!!!!!!! Our very own Poetry Co-editor, Ms. Samantha Mastridge has already been featured in their "Poems of the Day" section!!! Look under the August 2nd date for Sam's poem!! www.poetsagainstthewar.org/poemsoftheday.asp
  • Some of you know how much I admire Carrington McDuffie's performance art work. She's everything I wanted to be :) Well, she's got the most awesome website up now!! And you thought she was *just* a poet!! Check it out: www.lunacydewpoint.com


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