Trevor Hewett On The Net
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Editor's Note: We'll be back next month with an all-new Hewett poem! For now, just send your wellness & healing vibes to our FAV Englishman poet! In the meantime, click on the titles listed below to check out all the places on the Net where you can find more Trevor:

Pull and Chapel (1962) - online at

Welsh Chapel - online at

Bodmin Road Station and Runaway - online at

Abbotsbury Swannery - online at

Boscastle - online at



Trevor Hewett is an Englishman who lives and writes in his native Cornwall. Published widely in the UK and internationally, he has a short collection of work - 'The Patchwork Woman' - available from Mockfrog Design Press, Australia -- AND a new collection 'Drift' available right here at KotaPress!!! Check it out in our eStore.

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