Rehab group
By Melissa Petrakis

(for Kamara)

It has taken
a long time
for speech to come.

beyond the litany
of the mundanity
of the day.

It has taken
many months
for conversation.

Talking beyond lists:
the time awake, the meals
the bowel movements.

It has taken
untold efforts
to form these words.

These words so precious
so not simple
forming the shape of me
tentatively present.


Melissa Petrakis is a poet, playwright and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her poetry has been published in arena magazine, Centoria, Dan Poets, Hobo, Meanjin, Moving Out Moving On: Poems of Dislocation, Postgraduate Review(University of Melbourne), SideWaLK, tiny epics. Her first book of poetry ;The Naked Muse; (Domain Press) was published in 2001; her second book ;Attic Dweller; (also Domain) was published in 2002. She can be contacted via , and welcomes general comment and, of course, book orders.


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