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By townee

they made an appearance ...

a set of young lovers; eager, after sharing their chrysalis,

to emerge early from dreams; beautifully formed, one morning;


large like a gentle tiger's face.

autumn came and went.

winter flew; then

hotter days stretched.

while, on wide green fields, others ripened soft, yellow-striped, black and white bellies;

turquoise buds also sheltered, in a sea only unfolded elders have seen: shells,

ready to be empty; all tawny, or darker still;

which will rise, differently composed; those thirsting from lavish past lives; loving the nectar of every flower out. slim stems. scales lighter.

summers were long on promise; just bristling, as with youth.

this was some time ago, before so many homes, vacant lots sat below overgrown hills.

such spots aren't a part of the maggots' estate;

far and away any hayseed flies.

we're permitted sweet, tasty cream.

magnates have memories. as we must, ever since our migrations amassed between canada and california;

our cousins spanning toward florida in the northeast.

seasons allow us recall; that we may weather any variation. thus

stories of family travels followed from milkweed stalk to stem that late blooming.

tales told: colorful souls, dearly departed; these fluttered, almost clear as ghosts. ragged were their values; in a range of uplifted spirits;

dusty myths of moony moths suffering for the sun. a tragedy.

maybe it was beryl who first noticed hugh. perhaps, he saw her for the leaves missing.

since hugh cherished beryl, he saved her the most tender. often she halved them beside him.

they matured, narrow as worms; very likely, by design;

but was it--as is claimed--to overcome some possible aerodynamic problem?

or, rather--had ardor so overwhelmed everyone else--that they would simply lessen themselves? it has been said.

traditionally, we've always climbed for plumper trunks.

nevertheless, as there would be a lack of competition on shriveled branches, our pair rested where drier fiber was preserved. there,

the freshest leaves left felt wilted; somewhat want for water, and withering.

(it's a fact that this betters digestion. by then, much of a plant's fat content has dissolved).

desiccated white syrup fed these caterpillars; a crystal plantsugar, more bitter than milky incidentals.

this was living! abundant as a picnic ant; and everyone knows, no bug--or insect--can gather like an ant at banquet.

pleasing and ample as preflight stirrings ...

hugh and beryl had a pale blue shell they assembled. it barely fit them.

within so thin a housing; their walls were soon browning under hot sun.

stuffed in, and quite weakened, they could see well past that opaque cage; it cracked, easily, onto the closing season.

even keen-eyed hardwings regarded these two slight bodies as appetizing. nearly edible; less bitter failures.

prior to their airy union, hugh & beryl remained relatively separate;

at least they'd once fancied becoming a butterfly ... the kind that none had.

and after, they abandoned each other's wanton, unmatched, zigzag path.

she deposited eggs of their offspring.

quietly, the yellow pollen flurry blew.

now down to mexico, where monarchs lodge on sparse, tall trees.



By townee


on a chair


from a vent-
window, above
the utility room

his last sight
of some black prostitute,
hot as a pizza-delivery;


a key is suspended,
in slow motion.



requite exact change
By townee

a crinkled lincoln;

centennial nickels;

four-score cents,

multiplied by 6

& a quarter.


As always, thanks for your contributions, townee!


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