KotaPress, August 2003

I cannot believe how much is packed into this August issue. Each month, we sort of gather materials, do pre-layout, etc., to get ready for the issue. And every month lately, once we get to production, I'm surprised by how much art and information is here for us. Your interactive communications with us, your sharing of art and events -- all of it makes for a great Journal. Many thanks to all of you!!

We have some really *amazing* works from Melissa Petrakis -- especially check out "unhinged" because she seems to capture something there that is so familiar! Other contributions this month come from Ino, Mickey Z., townee, Michael Estabrook, and more!

We also have some informative articles about finding Trevor Hewett's work out on the Net, discovering newly launched projects like Carrington's new site, and the reading schedule for this month from It's About Time. Don't forget the reviews either. We have two this month -- so be sure to scroll the whole page so you don't miss one. We're looking at latest releases from both Mary Fogarty and Susan J. Erickson. And Poetry Therapy has some new ideas about how to "Be Still".

And make sure you surf through the Vashon Feature section, too. Last chance announcement from Beautiful Magic Studio -- we miss you already, Louise!! :) And music gigs from Brent, PLUS you have to check out Chapter 3 of Tapestry of Time!!! HOT stuff over there in that book from our own Rev. Joan!

Have fun surfing and see you next month!!

Miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

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