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Table of Contents

1.  Loop
     by Trevor Hewett
2.   Childhood Days   
      by Raghab Nepal
3.  Who Careth For...
     by Gary Beck
4.   Alone With Others
      by Delores Gauntlett
5.  Far From Consolation
     by Delores Gauntlett
6.   this morning shave
      by Matthew R. Gleckman
7.  Schizophrenicomaniac
     by Puja Goyal
8.   The Desire
      by Rebekah
9.  Untitled 4
      by John Rubio

10.  For Love of Gardening
      by Arlene Ang

11.  So Comes Another Morning
      by Jackie Dollinger
12.  The Dance
      by Janet Brice Parker
13.  Food For The Birds
      by Janet Brice Parker
14.  Smooth Past
      by Janet Brice Parker
15. Poetry Art
     by Devin Davis aka Ted Westan
16.  Thinking Chinese
      by Zen Garcia
17. New Love
     by Zen Garcia
18.  Forced Meditation
      by Zen Garcia
19.  Challenged Lives
      by Zen Garcia
20.  Sum of my Beliefs
      by Anthony Chipoletti

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