Challenged Lives
By Zen Garcia

Parents of children with disability
are pushed to experience
the kind of unconditional love
that life in traditional mode
never gives challenge to know
Those that make it
facing uncertain circumstance
battling every prejudice
label and expectation
God bless you
your commitment will be your reward
you will know parenting
in ways most are never determined to understand
Love that withstood withstands
giving definition worthy of its stature
Love we've yet to realize
the propensity of the word
sort of like All or One
holding everything
in its one syllabic embrace


Zen Garcia - writer, poet, fencer... I have been a quadraplegic for 8 years, first hurt in California when our van lost its brakes and plunged off a cliff 85 feet. I have been writing 15 years and have published 2 books, Look Somewhere Different and When The Evening Dies...


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