Sum of my Beliefs
By Anthony Chipoletti

i think that particles and waves in the cosmos
are alive and well and still remember who they

for example suppose all the space goo, whatever
it is, has existed forever, and is simply
recycled, EXCEPT each particle keeps its memory
and awareness;

then there is my own body and mind to deal with:

i am an agnostic [ i really do not know what
exactly is true ] for my WHOLE brain;

i am WAY too lazy to be an athiest since i would
CONSTANTLY have to prove to myself that any god
does not exist;

have you ever seen how MANY gods are supposed to

and i am a freelance monotheist [one god but NO
religion] for my RIGHT brain [it gets antsy if it
has nothing to do and it does not really care
what the one god may look like, since
it draws its own pictures anyway]

and i am a spiritual humanist for my left brain
[logic, scientific method, reason, rationality
etc etc]

so there we are, me, myself and i, inseparable
from the cosmos,

a happy little bunch


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