By Puja Goyal

A walk to and fro the hallway.
Dark images gathering in my room.
My shadow is playing the bass guitar
While I sleep on the couch beside me.

A torn shirt hanging on my shoulder,
My underwear sipping coffee from my only cup.

I read the last page of the latest bestseller,
Hoping the suspense would come to an end.
It says "Go back to the first page"
The novel starts all over again.

Who is it?
The person walking down the hallway.
I look out only to find my legs-
in my wife's shoes instead.

The storm clouds gather over my head,
The stone house feels cold inside.
I look up to see my eyes play tricks,
See my epitaph read...
"He sleeps in peace,
1768 - 1809"

Why is it that,
I am dead yet I feel alive......



Puja Goyal presently a Radio Jockey with All India Radio, I also work on stage do theatre and direct plays. I have been writing poems for the past 11 years now. I have also been the editor of the language section of my school magazine Tapestry. Many of them have been published by the Times of India and the Student Mail. I had been writing to my school magazine Tapestry too. My poems have been published by the Poetry Society in there Anthology Series "The Silence Within" and "Under The Quicksilver Moon".


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