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By John Rubio

One falling sun making
Something of nature, reclined in
The night's yawning voltage,
As every electric eye begins
To blink and stumble
In the stretching
I have no moons
To call my own and I am
Rather desolate in this chair.
I have
My stares and memories of
Other touching banalities spent
The clouds, like me,
Retire and depart, with everything
To remember and nothing to
Share. And somewhere the sun
Rises on another. She turns
Away with no concession
In her eyes.




John Rubio was born in San Diego and has lived in the Southern California area his entire life. He graduated from the University of Redlands with a degree in the Philosophy of Education.

John is an active performer and martial artist. He has been writing poetry, fiction, drama, essays, and articles for the past decade. John is the Featured Poet this month (February, 2003)for WritersMonthly.com. His work has most recently appeared in WideThinker.com, HaikuHut.com, LivingIndefinitely.com and various poetry anthologies, including: "Magee Park Poets," "Driftwood," and "Reflections".

John is the co-first place winner of the "Literal Latte" 2002 Annual Poetry Prize, and just won the 2003 La Paloma Winter Slam in Encinitas. His recent CD release, a collection of spoken word poetry, "Roar and Other Poems," is available at various locations in North County and via the author's email: redlandsjohn@aol.com.

John presently lives in Oceanside, California.


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