Vashon Feature: February 2003

This Just In: Is it true?? Heard rumor that Fred's new owners may move to DQ space for more room *so* we wonder if that will mean more room for Vashon Bookshop to expand, too??


V-Day Launch!

The Vashon V-Day Festival will launch this Friday, February 7th, 2003 with the opening night of the Women's Bodies: Violence & Healing show at the Blue Heron!! You have *got* to see this group show of over 20 artists. Some are showing for the first time here on the island, and we've got everything from fabric arts to sculpture, painting to bookmaking. It's a very cool show that will run all month at the Heron gallery! Portion of the proceeds from the show will go toward the Violence Prevention Programs at VYFS. Check out more details and the full schedule of V-Day Vashon events at:


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Lysistrata Project on Vashon!

by Devon Atkins, Vashon Bookshop Publicist

Managing Vashon Bookshop gives me a bird's eye view into the heart and mind of our Island community; all day long, people come in, sharing their ideas with each other. Let me tell you, it is exciting to watch. We are an island of thinkers and activists; this place seems to attract people who are eager to get things done.

Kate Lanigan, a retired Physician's Assistant with a passion for sailing and gardening, is one of those people. It was only about a month ago, when she stopped by and told Karen Barringer and me of her fantastic idea. While on the Ferry coming home, she had heard an announcement on NPR that people in twenty different countries would gather in their own hometowns on the same day and protest against the possibility of war against Iraq. The plan was to stage readings of LYSISTRATA, the 2,300 year old Greek comedy by Aristophanes, which tells the story of a group of women from opposing states who take over a public building and announce that they will withhold sex from their mates until the men lay down their swords and see their way to achieving peace. Kate's idea was that Vashon should be part of that collective voice against the War.

Since then, Kate's idea has gained considerable community momentum and has indeed become a reality! Hilary Emmer and other enthusiastic supporters have met weekly with Kate at the Bookshop, and talented Islanders turned out in force for the auditions; the cast has been chosen, rehearsals are underway, and Deb Pierce, who directed Drama Dock's 2002 production of "A Christmas Carol," will direct. Islanders for Peace and Vashon Bookshop are sponsoring the event which will take place at Ober Park, March 3rd, at 7:30 p.m. Seating is limited and tickets can be purchased for $10 each at Vashon Bookshop. Proceeds will benefit Islanders for Peace.

Our local production is part of the International Lysistrata Project, in which men and women from New York to San Francisco to Munich to Athens are raising their collective voices in protest against war by producing readings of the anti-war classic on the same day, March 3rd. The readings comprise a theatrical act of dissent which has become the first-ever world wide theatre event for peace. Information about the International Lysistrata Project -which has grown to 528 readings in 36 countries!- is available at (our production is listed there!). Information about Vashon's Lysistrata Project is available at Vashon Bookshop, 463-2616.

The international Lysistrata Project has world-wide information up at:


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Cool coaching on-island!

Cynthia Zheutlin has a cool, new website and is offering Life Coaching right here on the island. Take a look at her FAB new site and hear what she has to say about her work:

Life today can be complicated. Change seems to be the only constant. Sometimes most of us could use a little support to help negotiate change, clarify options, get back on track, or blaze a new trail in our life. This is what Life Coaching can offer.

I have been working as a mental health counselor on Vashon for over 13 years; and I have found that many people find their way into a counselor’s office and are not really looking for psychotherapy. They just need the kind of help a coach can offer, so it seemed a natural expansion of my work to move into Life Coaching. If this sounds intriguing, check my web site Perhaps a “clear reflection” is all you need to make those dreams a reality!


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