New Love
By Zen Garcia

We dance
butterfly angels
strewn to wind soft dreams
she tentative at first
unsure how to be
I would wait to catch her eye
with tenderousity
now she straightens my feet
without break in conversation
She's the kind of girl
having met
I could wish to meet again
soft spoken
laughing in quiet smiles
Closet expectations
for me
to wither a broken man
the disabled plight
fight for basic rights
& dignity
we are what we wish to be
not what others think they see
& she knows like me
it will take more
than quiet frustration
to make the change
civil disobedience
if necessary
No Pity
for callous minds
citing laws insensitive
to the people's needs
we've come this far
lead follow
or get the hell out of the way
I'm erecting a new altar
in honor
of difference
And she likes the attention
of being with me
great parking
good seats
we cut lines
most of the time
& people
really go out of their way
to display
the lost kindness of humanity
On sunny days
she'll cat into my lap
easing my chair back
we'll dream away high
in mellow comfort
Lay back chairs
perfect for quick spring naps
& star-packed nights
nothing quite like
her head on my shoulder
sweet smelling hair curling my cheek
Love was different
but never better


Zen Garcia - writer, poet, fencer... I have been a quadraplegic for 8 years, first hurt in California when our van lost its brakes and plunged off a cliff 85 feet. I have been writing 15 years and have published 2 books, Look Somewhere Different and When The Evening Dies...


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