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Volume 1, Issue 5

Welcome to the Fall Issue 2000 of the KotaPress Poetry Journal. Look what's new!

Letter From the Editor
A little of this A little of that and all the lessons learned at Bumbershoot 2000


KP Review
Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner Strike Again! If you get the chance, you must see Lily live as Trudy!


KP News Notes
Read all about it! Get your KP News here today!


Poetry Contest:
Winners & Guidelines!!!!!

No entry fees nor reading fees here! Guidelines have been updated for the 2001 contests so please read fully prior to entering.


Poet Chat
Q & A with poet Joseph Lisowski, author of Near the Narcotic Sea, editor at New Works Review.


Table of Contents
1.  Grief Work
     by Joseph Lisowski
17.  This Spectre's Power
      by Joseph Lisowski
2.  Crown of Leaves for Fall Equinox
     by Annie Finch
18.  this poem has been removed
      by no one
3.  The Miscarriage
     by Janna Grapperhaus
19.  Kota Sky
      Art by Hawk
4.  Kota Water
     Art by Hawk
20.  Nativity Church
      by Doug Tanoury
5.  Lay You Down In Dreams
     by Frances Carol Whitten
21.  One Missing
      by Katie McAllaster Weaver
6.  Mourning
     by J. Prusky
22.  For a Child Not Conceived
      by Alyssa A. Lappen
7.  Paradox
     by Joseph Lisowski
23.  Where I ride
      by Aaron Espy
8.  song for a stillborn
     by Kevin Simmonds
24.  Magic, Mourning
      by Alyssa A. Lappen
9.  The Loss of a Child
     by Kimberly Sack
25.  Two Warriors
      by Nico Crowkiller-Scherr
10.  the midwife fainted
      by A. R. Lamb
26.  After your son was stillborn
      by Jojo Jensen

11.  The Rain Falling
      by Robert James Berry

27.  One Race
      by Monique Nicole Fox
12.  Kota Gold
      Art by Hawk
28.  Sherri Rae
      by Lauri McGill Galentine
13.  Dear Professor
      by Luisa Reichardt
29.  Wide Angled
      by Janet Mae Best
14.  Forgive Me
      by Joseph Lisowski
30.  Poetry
      by R L Swihart
15.  In RE: Post Dissolution Matters
      by Susan J. Erickson
31.  mange l'orange
      by Billy Little
16.  In My Virtue
      by Miriam Callahan
32.  Spirit is Talking...Listen
      by Mark Allen

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