song for a stillborn
(for Jennifer)

By Kevin Simmonds

you thought you were losing me in peculiar eclipse.
our singular radiance became uncertain, awash,
in a paucity of light.

all around.

and you,
pressing close to me, and pressing
close to me, and pressing close
to me.

in a belly of tears
and I didnít know.

i felt you moist and alive
but too near to manage life.

you gave up and so
you werenít given
but remain in me

Kevin Simmonds is one of the winners from the latest KotaPress Anthology Contest! We here at KotaPress are proud to showcase his work in this way. KotaPress Anthology Vol. 1, No. 2 will be released in Sping 2001. Look for more of Kevin's work there!


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