The Loss Of A Child
By Kimberly Sack

You as me how I'm doing, I say, "I am just fine"
"Is there anything you can do for me?"
Not unless you bare this loss of mine.
Every second, every minute, everyday
This pain just will not go away.
When I try, and shut my eyes, I see his angelic face.
Though this hurts me so, I know he's in a better place.
"When I breathe it hurts totally, and completely, devastating" I say.
This circumstantial torment will surely fade away.
I frequently hear him cry, will my tears ever dry?
I wake at three a.m.,just to check on him.
When I stand at his crib the emptiness consumes me.
I stand here, and cry. Without him I may die.
I find myself holding his blankie to my face,
smelling him like he'd never left this place.
I reach down into his crib to find a teething ring.
Looking over in the corner to view his baby swing.
"Where is he?"
He has NOT gone!
Falling to my knees, I pray...
"God give me wings to fly, if not~
give me death for I truly want to die"

Dedicated to the memory of Nicholas Stephen Sack


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