In My Virtue
By Miriam Callahan

Why do I bother
To get up in the morning?
Each day holds sorrow
I wish I could
Learn to live in peace with them
But they won't let me
Gunshots in the day
Gang fights every single night
Sin surrounds us all
Help! What can I do?
Alas, I can do nothing.
Anyone can do nothing.
In my virtue I die every day.

The people on my street
The woman who beats her kids
The druglord across the street
The bloodstains on the sidewalk will never fade away.
The bible-thumping reverend
Who is accused of murder
The inner city? No.
The suburbs are where I live.
As I walk home
Each day from school
I am depressed by
What I see around me
In my virtue I suffer.

I need a better place
One where there's a future
But it's a longhard road
Helicopters awaken me
At night when I'm in bed
Police come to our door
Does Jeremy Wilkins live here?
No, he lives across the street
Thank you sir. Good night
Sirens, sirens all around
Keeping us up all night long
Nice old Mr. Wilkins is arrested
In my virtue I am alone.


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