Two Warriors
By Nico Crowkiller-Scherr

Our warriors walk a path.
Together stride for stride.

Looking over their shoulders.
At what was left behind.

One five weeks older.
But only two days apart.

One remembers two brothers and a sister.
In his hearts he holds their names.

The other warrior has family.
He has never seen.

But is like the first, he loves most deeply.
He hopes they are at peace.

Two warriors, together,
They walk, stop, turn and see.

The tears of parents and family, left behind.
Alone to hurt and grieve.

Written in loving memory of our two warriors.
Nicomah Patrick-Micheal Crowkiller-Scherr
February 1, 1999~March 9, 1999
Dakota Jones
March 11, 1999


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