By Joseph Lisowski

Resurrecting the dead
is the only true ambition.
All else expires in body heat.

Let me understand the Cabala,
instruct Rosicrucians in The Golden Dawn
tell Chinese The Secret of the Golden Flower,
rewrite The Egyptian Book of the Dead,
share voices with Edgar Cayce,
cast dice with Madame Blavatsky,
show Blake eternity in a wild flower,
seize darkness from John of the Cross.
This alchemy of a wandering mind.

I'd trade it all
for one good shovel
to fit my hand like callus.
And dig, never to quit,
till sweat becomes baptismal water
and dead love comes to life.

Resurrection is all that matters.

Joseph Lisowski is one of the winners from the latest KotaPress Anthology Contest! We here at KotaPress are proud to showcase his work in this way. KotaPress Anthology Vol. 1, No. 2 will be released in Sping 2001. Look for more of Joseph's work there!

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