Where I ride
By Aaron Espy

Torn apart were we,
no time to say goodbye.
Tonight I bear my starlit gift
of peaceful sleep below,
shine through your bedroom window
on a pillow stained with tears.

Close your eyes and find me
in places where I used to be,
for this is where I ride
the early summer sunlight playing warm
upon your shoulders,
dance with December's snowflake,
mingled with your hair,
skim the salty white-capped swell
on early April breezes,
rustle in the browns and golds
of crisp October air.

Let gently go of what I was
for I am so much more-
I am not with you as I was,
yet I am with you still.
And you will always find me
on springtime's April breezes,
where I ride the silver moonlight
soft into your dreams.


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