Welcome to the April 2002 mini-issue of KotaPress. My apologies about the short run for April-- promise we'll make up for it in May! Check it out...


Table of Contents

1.  Sunny’s Dying
     by Marsha Delaney Metcalfe
2.   Eighty-One   
      by Gabrielle Faust
3.  Coffee Talk
     by Gabrielle Faust
4.   Today
      by Trevor Hewett
5.  For My Children's Children
     by Charles Fishman
6.   Picasso Snookums
      by Jnana Hodson
7.  Oh, For God's Sake
     by Jnana Hodson
8.   House on Nameless Street
      by John Birkbeck
9.  Getting On
      by Nancy Watts
10.  Who Am I?
      by Richard Olsen
11. Ramblings 1
      by Kara L.C. Jones
12.  Ramblings 2
      by Kara L.C. Jones

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