For My Children’s Children
By Charles Fishman

Before any part of me is reborn
in you, I pray
for peace to enter my veins
and stay
that no words I idly rhyme
over your heads
bear the venom of desire
or dread.

Little ones,
bare and breathless with
into this realm of quiet aching,
I fear the pain of your long waking
toward light
that will anoint your being
with sight.

I fear what you will see
within my eyes
that harbor dreams
easier to melt than snow
and pray that your eyes stay free
of bitterness and need.

May you be joyous in deed
and ache with only the sweet pain
of things that catch flame
in love’s heat.


Editor's Note: Great to have Charles back in our Kota Journals. He is the Director of the Distinguished Speakers Program at SUNY Farmingdale and you can email him at


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