By Trevor Hewett

Today was just a day at work
when nothing really happened;
no odd events, no anecdotes,
just an unremitting day
of ordinariness.

I suppose we make our days
ourselves and shape them whole
and, as the years rush madly by,
maybe we just try less hard
to form our daily working lives

into great adventures, tests,
spectacles and trials
that try our stamina, our zest.
For, now, a quieter, calmer style
of working day prevails. And why?

Because, I think, we understand
we may have given of our best
and trials of courage, strength may end
in failure at the test.


Editor's Note: We are very honored to have Trevor back making monthly contributions to KotaPress. His poem above says it all for the way my April has turned out! He has another new one coming up in the May issue, too, so make sure you check back then.


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