Coffee Talk
By Gabrielle Faust

The chattering of old New York ponies
Clatter high above the laments of the monks;
Wasting moments between destinations
And single, hot, short caps,
Choking elegantly on strands of their own hair,
They race towards the pulpit of desertion
And fall,
Like plumes of fireplace fumes,
To the bar stool in Java Jive.

Their old war stories befuddle me;
How they¹ve been there, and done that,
And wasn¹t that day cold? and Wasn¹t he nice?
Makes me wonder if it ever happened at all.
But the richness in the end of one night¹s
Long fast makes me forget
Their terminal adolescence
And my precocious jadedness,
As I sink within my own silence
And despair at another morning lost
To a bar stool in Java Jive.

Gabrielle Faust is a 24 year old graphic designer from Austin, Texas. Faust recently finished her first self-published book of poetry entitled "Before Icarus: 1996-1999" and is presently working on a futuristic vampire novel, along with its graphic novel counterpart. Asides from graphic design and poetry, Faust also pursues painting and writing acoustic music. Please check out her work at the following sites: and


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