By Gabrielle Faust

She dreams of days
Of honeysuckle rain,
Drunken bees dousing her
In revelations
Of what it means to age.
The wind covets its secrets,
Passing them along as half-truths
For the nimble of mind
To sift through.

She accepts the challenge.


Gabrielle Faust is a 24 year old graphic designer from Austin, Texas. Faust recently finished her first self-published book of poetry entitled "Before Icarus: 1996-1999" and is presently working on a futuristic vampire novel, along with its graphic novel counterpart. Asides from graphic design and poetry, Faust also pursues painting and writing acoustic music. Please check out her work at the following sites: www.immortalitysucks.com and www.mentalwheaties.com


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