Who Am I?
By Richard Olsen

To the first officer on the scene I’m an ACCIDENT VICTIM.

To the paramedics rushing me to the hospital I’m a CRITICAL INJURY.

To the ER staff that works feverishly to resuscitate me I’m a LOST CAUSE.

To the orderly who wheels me downstairs to the morgue I’m a CORPSE.

To the pathologist who performs my autopsy I’m a CASE NUMBER.

To the mortician prepares me for burial I’m just another BODY.

To the minister who eulogizes me I am a CHILD OF GOD.

To the woman dressed in black who stands by my grave,

Who has been with me from the day of my creation,

Flesh of her flesh, love of her life, light of her night,

My protector, my defender, who gave me life,

Now prays to join me where I have gone.

From whence I will welcome her,

When she arrivers.

I am her SON.


Richard Olsen and his wife Sharon are the parents of Camille Rayana who was stillborn August 17, 2000 at full term. (www.camilleolsen.com) While they are members and supporters of MISS, Richard felt he wanted to do more specifically to promote stillbirth research and so has founded The National Stillbirth Society. It will be an advocacy and informational organization and will be going online after the first of the year with its own website, www.stillnomore.org


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