Vashon Feature: April 2002

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My apologies to Michele Bates -- because of April publication delays, we will fully feature Michele's photography in May. In the meantime, the following feature is about our amazing Garden Tour 2002!!! You've got to check out all these gardens -- it isn't all weeding, you know? Hawk & I are doing the volunteer coordination this year, so if you are going to be on-island and want to help out in exchange for a free ticket, call me! 206-251-6706. See you there!

Garden Tour 2002 - April 27th & 28th
brought to you by Vashon Allied Arts
(blurb below by Kara :))

This is the 12th annual Vashon Allied Arts Garden Tour. While I have heard raving reviews about past Garden Tours, I must say that being involved as the volunteer coordinator for this year's Tour has given me a whole new perspective and a great respect for the amount of work and artistry that goes into this affair!

You've got to get your ticket today! Call The Blue Heron at 206-463-5131 and get a Tour ticket for $15. That will get you into all the gardens. If you want to attend workshops, you'll pay $5 extra bringing your total to $20 - but that gets you into any and *all* the workshops. Get your tickets ASAP.

There are garden workshops at the Blue Heron on both Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10 am and Noon. These workshops cover everything from attracting butterflies to building retaining walls. If you have a "how-to" question about your garden, you will have experts on hand in these workshops. Then the five gardens are open from Noon to 5 pm both days. These gardens are not like rambling through your grandmother's rose bushes! These are stunning, huge, overwhelming, beautiful -- you have to see it. It's pointless to put words to that which MUST be seen. Check it out!

Also, RedPerl -- my FAV new music group -- is doing a concert that weekend. Daryl and Sarah are talented and inspiring, and they usually sell out quickly. I haven't checked in the last day or so, but you better hurray if you want tickets. These tickets are sold separately from Garden Tour tickets. Call with credit card in hand if you want a seat for this hot concert! 206-463-5131 - $9 for VAA members, $12 for general audience to get into the concert.

Okay, and one last plug. I am the volunteer coordinator, and we still need volunteers! If you want a free Tour ticket in exchange for helping out, call me ASAP! 206-251-6706. We need floaters to work throughout both days, so call now!

Miracles :)

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