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Table of Contents

1.  Sea Mist
     by Trevor Hewett
2.   Goodmorning   
      by Elizabeth J. Phillips
3.  Septmeber in Grief
     by Elizabeth J. Phillips
4.   In His Grandpa’s Shoes
      by Charles Fishman
5.  O lonely heart
     by Eric Gabas
6.   and slugs
      by Chris Volkay
7.  Manic Escapism
     by Todd Ledoux
8.   Believer
      by Thomas Kellar
9.  A Kid in a Shopping Cart
      by Jim Jenner

10.  A Spot of Milk on the Counter
      by Jim Jenner

11.  To a masseuse
      by Gary Lehmann
12.  Less Fear
      by Stephen Mead
13.  Kama Sutra's Quiz Show
      by John Thomas Murphy
14.  The Aftermath Of A Wedding
      by Adam Irving
15. The Twelfth Of September 2000
     by Adam Irving
16.  Never far from my Grief
      by Angie Westermann
17. Difficult to Sleep
     by Elisabeth Hallett
18.  The Time Limit
      by Evelyn Frank Hanna
19.  Benediction
      by Evelyn Frank Hanna
20.  You Cannot Tell Me
      by Kara L.C. Jones

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