Never far from my Grief
By Angie Westermann

Tears form in my throat, that lump that stays.
I know it is you again.
I wake up with you
I go to sleep with you

The day will be going along just fine
And out of the blue you appear
Letting me know you are there
The tears form again

Why can't you leave me alone?
Let me have just a little peace.
Let me breathe
Let me smile without that shadow of you

No matter what you are there
Haunting me, taunting me
You'll never let me go
Bringing me misery

My eyes sting from the tears
My heart breaks at the mention of you
Disappointment and sadness
A constant friend

Ain't gonna cry no more
Ain't gonna grieve no more
Forget all about you
Move on

But there you are
Never letting me go
A constant friend
Never far from my grief



Angie Westermann is mom to Andrew and Ally, both of whom are missed dearly.


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